Vanessa Collier

Saxophonist. Vocalist. Songwriter.

heart soul & saxophone


Professional saxophone and vocals for the indie musician, producer, film scorer, or studio. Vanessa provides professional, quality recordings and gives her heart, soul, passion, energy, and commitment to your music projects. Vanessa received dual degrees in Music Production & Engineering and Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  Vanessa has an immense amount of experience playing on studio sessions, which has allowed her to hone her skills as a studio musician. Vanessa has also spent time "behind the glass" as an engineer and producer for many projects, creating the best sounds possible with today's technology. Vanessa has extensive knowledge of microphones, gear, and recording inside and outside of a studio. You get a trustworthy and knowledgable engineer, a top-notch professional and reliable session musician, and exceptional equipment to make everything sound as good as it does in your head.

How It Works 

Simple! Send an email to Vanessa with all the details (your name, number of tracks needed, sheet music, due dates, etc.). She will then ask for you to send payment securely through her PayPal account. Vanessa records saxophone and/or vocals on your song and she will then email them back to you.  

How much does it cost? 

Vanessa understands that sometimes your projects may not have huge budgets, so she maintains affordable prices to keep your overall costs to a minimum. See pricing below for Vanessa's most popular services. Customized packages are also available. Please contact for a formal quote. 

Can I hear some examples? 

Yes, of course! Please contact me and I will send you some examples via email! 

What kind of gear do you use?

 Click HERE to see Vanessa's gear list.

Most popular instrumental services:

Record Saxophone Solo

Need a growlin' tenor saxophone solo to put your rock or blues tune over the edge? Need a melodic, sultry soprano saxophone solo over a serene ballad? Need a sassy, funky Maceo Parker-style alto solo? No problem! 

The fee per track, up to 5 minutes in length, including one saxophone solo/fills track and two revisions, is $145. Extra revisions beyond the first two are $55 each.

Record Horn Parts

Need horn parts recorded? Vanessa plays soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, as well as flute, so you could have any combination of instruments playing in tune and in perfect sync!

Horn parts are $35 each part. 


Most Popular Vocal Services:

Record BG Vocals

Needing some layered background vocals to support your killer lead vocal? Vanessa can add thick, rich, full background vocals to any song you have!

3 part harmony background vocals are $95. Single or additional harmonies are $35 each.

Other Services:

Write Horn Parts

Do you have a song that needs a full horn section to round out the sound, but don't have the time to write out horn parts? Vanessa can help you write parts for any size horn section. 

 $55 per hour