Vanessa Collier

Saxophonist. Vocalist. Songwriter.

heart soul & saxophone


Poisoned The Well

Written by vanessa collier


Whiskey lips gone sour from all the lies you tell

Your split tongue talkin’ from both sides

You play the serpentine angel but the devil’s been slitherin’ through

I knew all your speckled bluffs and your sickled tells

But I still can’t believe

You poisoned the well


Dry brush burnin’ rust dusted wick on fire

Desert’s peelin’ up to plead with the thunderclouds

Rainbow stains swirl stagnant like the twist in your wicked smile

Watchin’ from your hole you know, the water spittin’ from the spicket won’t help

Not when you’ve gone

And poisoned the well


Gnarled roots, cursed fruit of the apple tree

Sweet nectar from the tainted bees

Toxic to the core, seep into every pore

I can’t escape the wake of your jealousy run free

But I won’t wail at your feet

When you’re spillin’ venom to hide everything you lack

I’d rather let the well run dry, than give into that


The mask you wear is coiled in the corner

Crooked as the river carving out the bend

Your cottonmouth tongue flickers

Hissin’ for a drink like the serpent from Hell

But don’t you remember

Don’t you remember

Don’t you remember

You poisoned the well