Vanessa Collier

Saxophonist. Vocalist. Songwriter.

heart soul & saxophone


"Vanessa Collier is the coolest young artist on the scene today; when she is on stage, all eyes are on her. Vanessa Collier's incredible talent, stage presence, and enchanting personality have made her one of the most important taste-makers of her generation. Vanessa Collier is a rising star and everybody recognizes this instantly --- Carole King and Annie Lennox both picked her out of shining on stage and were effusive in their prose of her musical talent and magnetism!"

 -Stephen Webber, Berklee Valencia


"Vanessa Collier sings a sultry rendition of Peggy Lee's Fever that sends chills running up and down my spine." 

-Marta Lane, Midweek Kauai 


"My favorite moment of Vanessa has to be her performance at the Berklee Commencement Concert in May of 2013. She had a number of solos and just tore the roof off of the place to the roar of the crowd!" 

-Marty Walsh (Leann Rimes) 


"Her performance of such a classic [In A Sentimental Mood] rendered it the justice and respect it rightfully deserves. Not only is she capable as a brass player, but also as a vocalist. Her covers of the jazz standards Fever and Cry Me A River showcase a young "old soul" quite comfortable singing treasures from an era long before her birth." 

Darren Henson, Levittown Patch 


 Vanessa Collier Flaunts Her Sax Appeal

Vanessa Collier and the Berklee All-Stars