Vanessa Collier

Saxophonist. Vocalist. Songwriter.

heart soul & saxophone


Whiskey & Women

written by vanessa collier


Everybody’s talkin bout whiskey complainin’ bout their women

But I don’t like either one

I like a good lovin’ man makin’ me lemonade honey

Both of ‘em meltin’ away under the hot summer sun

I’m gonna live a life without complainin’

I’m bound and determined this I know

I’ve got enough sense now sugar

I should’ve left you long ago


You say you’re evil when you’re with me

And jealous when we’re apart

Well I’m always foot stompin’ mad when I’m with ya

Cause you’re always makin’ things so gosh darn hard

I wanna live a life without complainin’

Live it richer than a billionaire

But that hot air you bustin’ in with

Needs to be locked up in a Frigidaire


I got two tears to shed for ya honey

One for each nice thing you’ve ever done

For as much as I’ve had to pay for your love

Wanna call that toll free number, request a big fat refund

I can’t stand your constant cryin’ whinin’ weepin’

Wearin’ me down all the time

Pleadin’ with me ain’t gonna get you nowhere

Cause I’ve gone deaf, dumb, and blind